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Frequently Asked Questions

A VK Platinum is best taken proportionately in 6 oz in the morning, afternoon, then evening to consume the entire 16 oz bottle when your body requires Deep cleansing. You may also take two capsules at the same time you drink the beverage during the time periods listed as well as two sprays under the tongue afterwards once per day. Taking VK Platinum twelve times a day in one-ounce shots is also good for the Lymphatic system and the immune system strength.

Yes, VK Platinum Ingredients are just food, no chemicals, or preservatives.

No, again VK Platinum is simply a combination of plants without any side effects.

Yes, as a good maintenance regime.

Yes, all beverages such as VK Platinum or VK Boost should be refrigerated at all times.

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Platinum VK has connected the essential Dots to Optimal Health, There is ongoing research which illustrates botanical compounds efficacy in modern medicine. This data shows impressive results of certain plant extract compounds use in overall health viability, the data further presents the direct effect certain plant compounds have on stem cell activation

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